2016 Snow Meeting Syllabus

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2016 Snow Meeting Final Program


 Thursday February 4, 2016 

  4:00-4:15 PM
   Opening Remarks 
Matt Allswede, MD
  4:15-5:15 PM
   James W. Gell Endowed Lecture
C.M.A. "Max" Rogers, IV, MD
  5:15-6:00 PM
   Practice Bulletins - The What, Why and How of these
  Clinical Management Guidelines

Jeffrey Rothenberg, MD

 Friday February 5, 2016

  7:30-8:15 AM
  Navigating the Michigan “Dense Breasts” Reporting Requirement Caren Stalburg, MD 
  8:15-9:15 AM
  Maternal Sepsis: Risk Factors, Recognition, and Response Melissa Bauer, MD
  9:15-9:45 AM
  Michigan Section ACOG Business Meeting
Jody Jones, MD
 10:15-11:00 AM
  Contraceptive Safety - Where does Essure Stand?
Jason Bell, MD
 11:00-12:00 PM
  Opportunistic Salpingectomy: Rationale, Risks & Recommendations 
Ashley Hesson, PhD
  4:00 – 5:00 PM
  Michigan Perinatal Oral Health  Melanie Mayberry, DDS &

Emily Norrix, MPH

  5:00 – 6:00 PM

  The Gifts of Midlife and Menopause: Hidden Opportunities for
  Healthy Aging 
and Medical Practice

Diana Bitner, MD  

 Saturday February 6, 2016


  7:15-8:00 AM

 Pills, Patches & Pronouns: Exploring an Association between Linguistic
  Style and Patient Race in Contraceptive Recommendations

Jonathan Hesson, MD &

Ashley Hesson, PhD

  8:00-8:45 AM   Collaboration to Improve Health Outcomes for Mothers and Newborns Lisa Kane Low, PhD, CNM
  8:45-9:30 AM
  Gun Violence: A Public Health Issue  Jerry Walden, MD 
  9:45-10:45 AM   Vulvovaginal Surgical Quandaries: Help for your Patients with
  Hidradenitis Suppurative or Lichen Planus
Hope Haefner, MD 


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