Committee on State Legislation and Professional Liability 
Chair-Maureen Whelihan, MD

This committee will consist of Fellows and Junior Fellows appointed by the committee chair.  The committees' function will be to review pertinent legislation and regulations and recommend positions to the Advisory Council.  This committee shall have two meetings per year; one in the Fall and one in Spring.  Additional meetings may be authorized by the Executive Committee as deemed necessary.

Committee on Patient Safety and Quality Improvement
Chair-Vicky Beecham, MD

This committee will consist of the Committee Chair and Section Vice Chairs. The committee will engage health care providers, organizations and policy makers to help establish an environment of patient safety which optimizes the outcomes of health care for women and their infants. The overarching goal is to promote a healthy and safe environment for the gynecologic and obstetric care of women in Florida.

Committee on Scientific Program
Chair-Guy Benrubi, MD

This committee will consist of Fellows and Junior Fellows appointed by the committee chair. The committee will assist the District Vice-Chair in planning the scientific program for the Annual District Meeting.

Committee on Maternal Mortality
Chair-Anthony Gregg, MD

The committee on Maternal Mortality is designated in District XII for the purpose of reviewing medical causes of maternal death and design interventions to improve the health of the mother and her access to care during the prenatal period, labor, birth and postpartum period. This committee will work closely with the Pregnancy Associated Maternal Review Committee (PAMR) and other state, national and worldwide organizations dedicated to a reduction in maternal mortality.

Committee on Perinatal Mortality and Morbidity
Chair-Washington Hill, MD

The committee on Perinatal Morbidity and Mortality designated in District XII for the purpose of reviewing perinatal morbidity and mortality issues throughout District XII. The committee will study and investigate to identify issues and recommend strategies to address the concerns related to perinatal morbidity and mortality. The committee will also work in conjunction with other groups e.g. FIMR committees, the Florida Perinatal Collaborative who are also studying and investigating these issues.  The committee will take more of a systems level approach-working on issues and preventive actions stemming from recommendations and information it receives from around the state and will continually work towards improving health outcomes babies across District XII by whatever means possible.

Committee on Health Care for Underserved Women
Chair-Julie DeCesare, MD

This committee will consist of Fellows, Junior Fellows and Medical Students appointed by the committee chair. The committee will serve in an advisory capacity to the District XII Advisory Council and Executive Committee, with respect to identifying health care problems that confront underserved women, recommending solutions to these problems, recommending specific activities that District Fellows can participate in, and assuring District XII’s leadership role in these endeavors.

Council of Residency Program Directors
Chair-Julie DeCesare, MD

The Council of Residency Program Directors is a forum for developing residents by collaborating with ACOG District XII leadership. The group of Residency Program Directors represents all of the seven (7) residency programs in the state of Florida.  The goal of this group is representation from each residency program to promote scholarly activity, resident involvement in ACOG District XII.

If you are interested in serving on any of the committees listed above, please contact Colleen Filbert at


Colleen Filbert
Project Manager

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