Physician-Specific Health Issues

Physician-Specific Health Issues

Dealing with tough patient cases

Link to Healing our Own Video and ACOG resources for dealing with adverse events in Ob/Gyn


Legal Issues

Links on the District IX website for dealing with legal issues in medicine


Preventing depression/burnout

Article on physician burnout

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

Canadian Association for Suicide Prevention

Fact Sheet about Depression/Suicide in US physician

Link to “Struggling in Silence” Video on Physician Depression/Suicide (fuzzy)


General Physician Health

ePhysicianHealth—resources for resiliency/health in personal and professional lives

American Medical Association Website—peer support


Useful Phone Applications

My Fitness Pal—create an account to set weight loss goals--FREE

Stravasocial fitness website

Zombie run—story mixed with music while jogging—running from Zombies!

Weight Watchers app—fitness tracker for mobile to go along with the popular program

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