ADM Meeting History

District V

Annual District Meetings

Year - Site - Chair

1952 Unknown Paul Hodgkinson, MD

1953 Unknown Allan C. Barnes, MD

1954 Unknown Allan C. Barnes, MD

1955 Unknown Harold C. Mack, MD

1956 Unknown Harold C. Mack, MD

1957 Unknown Arthur G. King, MD

1958 Unknown Arthur G. King, MD

1959 Unknown Arthur G. King, MD

1960 Columbus Arthur G. King, MD

1961 Louisville Laman A. Gray, MD

1962 Indianapolis Laman A. Gray, MD

1963 Detroit Laman A. Gray, MD

1964 Toronto Charles F. Gillespie, MD

1965 Cleveland Charles F. Gillespie, MD

1966 Louisville Charles F. Gillespie, MD

1967 Indianapolis Tommy N. Evans, MD

1968 Detroit Tommy N. Evans, MD

1969 Niagara Falls Tommy N. Evans, MD

1970 Dayton, OH Richard W. Stander, MD

1971 Louisville Richard W. Stander, MD

1972 Indianapolis Richard W. Stander, MD

1973 Grand Rapids Lee B. Stevenson, MD

1974 Toronto Lee B. Stevenson, MD

1975 Bermuda Lee B. Stevenson, MD

1976 Cincinnati William E. Pugh, M.D

1977 Indianapolis William E. Pugh, M.D

1978 Dearborn William E. Pugh, M.D

1979 Ottawa George W. Morley, MD

1980 Maui George W. Morley, MD

1981 Lexington George W. Morley, MD

1982 Indianapolis John L. Duhring, MD

1983 Detroit John L. Duhring, MD

1984 Toronto John L. Duhring, MD

1985 Columbus Clinton R. Potts, MD

1986 Acapulco Clinton R. Potts, MD

1987 Indianapolis Clinton R. Potts, MD

1988 Grand Rapids Van R. Jenkins, MD

1989 Scandinavia Van R. Jenkins, MD

1990 Toronto Van R. Jenkins, MD

1991 Louisville Philip N. Eskew, MD

1992 London Philip N. Eskew, MD

1993 Cincinnati Philip N. Eskew, MD

1994 Indianapolis James W. Gell, MD

1995 Hawaii James W. Gell, MD

1996 Dearborn James W. Gell, MD

1997 Toronto Lance G. Talmage, MD

1998 Napa, CA Lance G. Talmage, MD

1999 Lexington Lance G. Talmage, MD

2000 Cleveland Stanley A. Gall, MD

2001 West Palm Beach, FL Stanley A. Gall, MD

2002 Indianapolis Stanley A. Gall, MD

2003 Dearborn John R. Musich, MD

2004 Hawaii John R. Musich, MD

2005 Toronto John R. Musich, MD

2006 Louisville J. Craig Strafford, MD

2007 Napa, CA J. Craig Strafford, MD



2010 Cancun, Mexico Bob Lorenz, MD

2011 Detroit, MI Bob Lorenz, MD

2012 Charleston, SC Don Bryan, MD


Jeff Rothenberg, MD

ACOG District V:

American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists
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