As a busy OB/GYN you may be more stressed out when you read articles on the benefits of meditation because you have no time to mediate for even 5 minutes. On your list of "to do" for the day, meditation, if it is on your list at all, may be lower on the list than exercise, which is also beneficial. I used to resent advice on how to de-stress, eat better, have better sex, and fix my insomnia. If I had more time, I would do all those things after I saw 30 office patients, delivered babies in the wee hours, comforted new moms, learned new minimally invasive GYN procedures, learned EMR and ever changing billing codes, read articles for the ABOG certification, dealt with office drama, etc. And then be the super mom-wife with never ending patience and enthusiastic libido. Yeah, right.

Being able to have the luxury to sit and meditate seems unrealistic for the majority of OB/GYNs, but back in 2002, I was so stressed out, I had to find something. I stopped practicing OB and began yoga teacher training. I was in need of reconnection to my body. I had so many aches and pains, physical and spiritual, to heal. Yoga taught me that within movement there can be mindfulness which for me was an Ah-Ha moment. I could bring mindfulness to my doctoring duties rather than being an automaton. And when I heard a prominent yogi say that he didn't have time to sit and meditate and that moment by moment presence was his practice, I knew I had found a solution for myself.

So give yourself a gift. Breathe deeply and fully. Allow yourself to bring your attention to your actions and sensations in the moment. For instance, we heal people through the actions of our hands. Take time when washing them between pap appointments, fundal checks, or before surgery to impart gratitude for that talent. Feel the water temperature, the sliminess of the soap, and the roughness of the towel on your skin. If you do this for a minute each time you wash your hands, you've probably done 30 minutes of mindfulness meditation. Voilà!


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