Physician Work-Life Balance

Mission statement: To further ACOG’s goal of providing quality care to patients, District IX’s Committee on Physician Work-Life Balance actively promotes wellness in mind, body and spirit realizing that a healthy and happy physician serves as a role model for and provides higher quality care to patients. 

Committee Co-Chairs
Joanne Perron, MD, MPH

Robert Wallace, MD, MBA

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How I Practice Video: Chair Yoga

Looking for ways to be re-energized? The Committee on Physician Work-Life Balance is committed to actively promoting wellness in mind, body, spirit, and realizing that a healthy and happy physician serves as a role model for and provides higher quality care to patients. Each month, members receive a healthy tip from a committee member. We encourage you to have fun in practicing these healthy tips.

Demands faced by health care professionals include heavy caseloads, limited control over the work environment, long hours, as well as organizational structures and systems in transition. Such conditions have been directly linked to increased stress and symptoms of burnout, which in turn, have adverse consequences for clinicians and the quality of care that is provided to patients. The following links direct users to mindfulness-based stress reduction resources aimed at enhancing well-being and fostering the necessary self-care skills for clinicians.

Physician Satisfaction
Physician career dissatisfaction has been found to be associated with physician stress, disruptive behavior, burnout and career exit, medical errors, reduced patient care quality, reduced patient compliance with medical instructions and higher health care costs. The following articles highlight what can be done to make doctors more satisfied with their jobs.

Check out the results of an in-depth burnout survey of Districts III & IX as well as articles that examine the critical relationships between physician burnout and personal, professional, and organizational/worklife factors.

Second Victim
This page contains ACOG's online video, "Healing Our Own: Adverse Events in Obstetrics and Gynecology" and other resources to support clinicians in the wake of adverse healthcare events and outcomes. The video can also serve as a proactive discussion catalyst and vehicle for change within the culture of medicine.

California Medical Association Confidential Assistance Line
A confidential hotline for physicians who have substance abuse or psychological/emotional problems. The sole mission is to assist impaired doctors in helping themselves before their lives and livelihood are put into jeopardy.

Litigation Stress Resources
This resource center directs users to articles, books, and websites addressing the process of litigation; suggests strategies for coping with the stress of litigation; and lists resources that may provide support throughout the ordeal of litigation.

Patient Safety Reference/Reading List
This suggested reading list provides physicians with a concise list of books and articles on patient safety and medical human factors.

The Canadian Medical Association Centre for Physician Health and Well-being
The CMA Centre for Physician Health and Well-being provides national leadership and advocacy on issues affecting the health and morale of Canadian physicians. With a focus on health promotion and illness prevention the Centre functions as the clearinghouse and coordinating body to provide a trusted information resource to physicians, physicians in training, their families and loved ones.

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