District III Officers

District III Officers

Chair: Joseph Apuzzio, MD
Email:  apuzzijj@njms.rutgers.edu

Vice Chair: Ann Honebrink, MD
Email:  honebria@pahosp.com

Treasurer: Gregory DeMeo, DO
Email:  gdemeo@comcast.net

Secretary: Anthony Sciscione, DO
Email:  asciscione@christianacare.org

Asst Secretary: Francine Sinofsky, MD
Email:  fesinofsky@gmail.com

Past Chair:  Richard Henderson, MD
Email:  RHenderson@che-east.org

Junior Fellow Chair:  Ashley Graul, MD
Email:  abgraul@gmail.com

Junior Fellow Vice Chair:  Krystilyn Washington, MD

Email:  klwashington@gmail.com

Junior Fellow Secretary/Treasurer: Frans Beltran, MD

Delaware Section Officers

Chair: Janice Tildton-Burton, MD

Email:  tjanice935@aol.com

Vice Chair: Gordon (Mickey) Ostrum, MD
Email:  mikduk@prodigy.net

Treasurer: Nancy Fan, MD
Email:  nancyfanssmith@yahoo.com

Junior Fellow Chair: Sarah Samuels, MD

Email:  SSamuel@ChristianaCare.org

Junior Fellow Vice Chair: Erica Anne Heilman, MD

Email: erica.heilman@gmail.com

Dominican Republic Section Officers

Chair:  Alejandro Paradas, MD
Email:  aparadas@claro.net.do

Vice Chair:  Elisa Victoria Fernandez, MD

Email:  elisaobgyn@gmail.com

New Jersey Section Officers

Chair: Donald Chervenak, MD
Email:  dchervenak@florhamparkobgyn.com

Vice Chair: Thomas Westover, MD
Email:  twest54973@yahoo.com

Secretary/Treasurer: Michael Sbarra, MD

Email: MSbarra@HackensackUMC.org

Junior Fellow Chair: Vanessa Marie Parisi, DO
Email: vdoc131@gmail.com

Junior Fellow Vice Chair: Alison Pasciucco, MD

Pennsylvania Section Officers

Chair: Kurt Barnhart, MD
Email:  KBarnhart@obgyn.upenn.edu

Vice Chair: Lynn Coslett-Charlton, MD
Email:  lcoslettcharlton@hotmail.com

Secretary: Amanda Flicker, MD
Email:  abf111@hotmail.com

Treasurer: Stephen J. Smith, MD
Email:  ssmithapa@comcast.net

Junior Fellow Chair:  Melodie T'anne Zamora, MD

Email: melodie.zamora@lvhn.org

Junior Fellow Vice Chair: Angela Koenig, MD



Anthony Sciscione, DO
Christine Himes

ACOG District III:

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