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 December 2013 | Volume 28 No. 5


From the Chair
Eva Chalas, MD, FACOG, FACS

End Unnecessary Prior Authorization

Quality Advisory Committee Meets

DII Offers Legal Services

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ACOG’s push for medical liability reform: What’s the latest? (OBG Management)


Fun Facts About:

David M. Chiang, MD, FACOG - Chair, Section 3 (Queens)

Joanne L. Stone, MD, FACOG - Chair, Section 1 (Manhattan)

John J. Vullo, DO, FACOG - Chair, Section 4 (Long Island)


From the Chair - Eva Chalas, MD, FACOG, FACS
I hope you are enjoying the holiday season with family and friends. As we look to 2014, I thought I would share with you some recent news regarding ovarian and cervical cancer.

A Clinical Practice Statement from the Society of Gynecologic Oncology (SGO) recommends that bilateral salpingectomy may serve as a viable approach to prevent ovarian cancer. The statement includes information about surgical options for both high risk and average risk patients prior to and post child bearing. You may read the full SGO statement here. Meantime, according to this report from the Association of Reproductive Health Professionals (ARHP), there is a significant practice gap in the implementation of the new cervical cancer prevention guidelines, in addition to confusion about how the Affordable Care Act (ACA) will affect their implementation. The guidelines were issued by the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force, the American Cancer Society and related organizations. For more on the guidelines (including ACOG’s position), click here.

As you know, cancer screening is a vital component of the yearly well-woman visit. Certainly, well-woman care is of great interest of ACOG President Jeanne Conry, MD, PhD, FACOG who has declared this “the year of the woman.” As part of her presidential initiative, Dr. Conry convened a task force of women’s health professional organizations, including primary care physicians, obstetrics nurses, midwives, physicians assistants, and others. The focus of the Well-Woman Task Force is to converse about well-woman care, redesigning the annual visit and examine ways to work together in order to take advantage of each patient interaction. By addressing consistency and continuity in treating the whole woman, there is hope that task force efforts will lead to more comprehensive care with Every Woman, Every Time she sees a doctor. You can read more about the Well-Woman Task Force here.

End Unnecessary Prior Authorization
The Medical Society of the State of New York (MSSNY) needs your input regarding prior authorization (PA). A growing number of insurers are going back to oppressive PA requirements mandated for both generalists and specialists. District II wants to help MSSNY stop unnecessary PAs. Please click here and let us know which diagnostic tests, procedures and/or services are common in your practice. We will pass along our findings to MSSNY.

By having a list of specific tests for each specialty, MSSNY can approach insurers that require a prior authorization - with the goal of eliminating the need for many PAs, saving both specialists and insurers considerable time and cost.

Quality Advisory Committee Meets
Last month the New York State Department of Health (DOH) convened its newly formed Quality Advisory Committee. ACOG District II is part of the committee, which is made up of stakeholders from all facets of health care, including providers across the continuum of care, patient advocacy, hospital associations, foundations, payers, and policy makers.

The Quality Advisory Committee has been tasked with working with the DOH on a wide array of quality and patient safety topics, ranging from a State Innovation Model planning grant - to Medicaid initiatives to lower costs and improve outcomes - to obstetrical patient safety and hospital report cards. By working across disciplines and with various stakeholders, the Department of Health hopes to collaborate on a state agenda for change that will result in measurable improvements in morbidity and mortality in New York State. We will keep you updated on future committee efforts.

DII Offers Legal Services
In order to assist ACOG District II members with representation in disputes with managed care companies, contract reviews, reimbursement efforts and regulatory compliance reviews, we are happy to announce our new collaboration with Kern Augustine Conroy & Schoppmann, P.C. This healthcare law firm will be available to represent ACOG District II members before state and federal agencies (Medicare/Medicaid, OIG, Office of Health Systems Management, comprehensive fraud and abuse, HIPAA compliance) and in hospital privileges disputes, and it will also offer District II members a full range of healthcare law services.

Dr. Chalas will announce more of what this health care law firm will do for District II members in our January newsletter. In the meantime, for more about Kern Augustine Conroy & Schoppmann, P.C., click here.

Fun Facts About:

David M. Chiang, MD, FACOG - Section 3 Chair (Queens)
Where do you practice? (hospital/location): New York Hospital Queens in Flushing, NY
Favorite quotation: God helps those who can help themselves
Hobbies & interests: Fishing
Favorite sports team: Houston Rockets
Favorite vacation destination: Scottsdale, Arizona
Favorite movie(s) of all time: Top Gun
Favorite food(s): Chinese foods (lobster and crab)
Why did you choose ob/gyn as your specialty? Combination of medicine/surgery/and catching babies

Joanne L. Stone, MD, FACOG - Section 1 Chair (Manhattan) 
Where do you practice? (hospital/location): Mount Sinai, New York City
Favorite sports team: Yankees
Pets: My 2 stuffed animals from childhood
Favorite vacation destination: Paris
Favorite food(s): Oysters and caviar
Why did you choose ob/gyn as your specialty? Love women’s health and taking care of high risk pregnancies

John J. Vullo, DO, FACOG - Section 4 Chair (Long Island) 
Where do you practice? (hospital/location): Good Samaritan Hospital, West Islip
Favorite quotation: I must create my own system or be enslaved by another man’s
Hobbies & interests: Spending quality time with family/gardening/fishing
Favorite sports team: NY Mets and NY Jets
Pets: Sophie
Favorite vacation destination: Sicily, Italy
Favorite movie(s) of all time: The Godfather 
Favorite food(s): Chicken cutlets - prepared any way
Why did you choose ob/gyn as your specialty? Best combination of primary care, surgery and developing a doctor/patient relationship

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