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EFM MonitorThis tutorial provides an interactive, systematic approach to learning the core concepts of effective FHR monitoring.  You may complete each booklet in order, and then proceed to the post-test to assess your knowledge.  After completing the tutorial mode, it is recommended that you return to the assessment section of the toolkit where you can receive further education, training, and certification.  If you have completed this tutorial and are already certified in EFM, feel free to use the quick guide section where the standardized management model poster can be used for reference.

**NOTE:   Use the ZOOM  Zoom feature located on the bottom of the eBook pages or double-click within the slide to enlarge text that appears too small.**

Introduction Arrow This module provides background information about FHR monitoring as a screening test and introduces the concepts of standardized terminology, interpretation, and management.

Terminology Arrow The NICHD definitions are described in this module and examples of each term are shown on the EFM strips provided within.

Interpretation Arrow This module relates the NICHD definitions to the underlying physiology and introduces the “3-tier”system of EFM classification.

Management Arrow This module describes a standardized management model that systematically addresses the sources of preventable error.

Post Test Arrow This section is a series of 100 questions that test the users understanding of the material covered in the above modules (answers are provided).

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*Permission to utilize materials provided from David Miller, MD, FACOG and Lisa Miller, CNM, JD.*




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