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  Data Collection

- NEW Data Collection Form
- Monthly Data Collection Tip Sheet & Codes
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  Implementation & Support Tools

- SMI Educational Video Series
- SMI Bundle Implementation Guide
- SMI Frequently Asked Questions
- Implementation Visit Process Overview
      Implementation Pre-Visit Questionnaire

- Eclampsia
      Simulation Scenario Overview #1
      Clinical Scenario #2
      Drill Assessment Tool
- Obstetric Hemorrhage Simulation & Drills Info
- Obstetric Team Debriefing Form
- CMQCC Obstetric Hemorrhage
      Simulation Information
      Drills Information
- Support for Patients, Families, Staff  
- Merck for Mothers Patient Education
      PEP Talk Patient Handout
      PEP Talk Fact Sheet
      PEP Talk Tip Sheetl


- Latest Information for SMI participants

  Obstetric Hemorrhage

- Obstetric Hemorrhage Bundle
      PDF File
      PowerPoint Show
- Risk Assessment Tables:
      Labor & Delivery Admission/Intrapartum
- Recommended Instruments Checklist (Cart and Medication Kit)
- Managing Maternal Hemorrhage Poster
- Checklist (Stages 1-4)
- Flow Sheet
- Surgical Management
- Blood Bank: Massive Transfusion Protocol (MTP)
Additional Resources
- AWHONN Quantification of Blood Loss Video
- AWHONN Postpartum Hemorrhage Project

  Other Resources & Posters

Professional Guidance
- ACOG Hypertension in Pregnancy
- ACOG Maternal Safety Initiative - A Primer
- District II Optimizing Protocols in Obstetrics
- NYSDOH Hypertension Disorders in Pregnancy
      Executive Summary
      Guideline Summary
- Standardization of Practice to Improve Outcome
- Managing Maternal Hemorrhage
- OB Hemorrhage Checklist (Stages 1-4)
- Severe HTN in Pregnancy Checklist
- Eclampsia Checklist
- ED Postpartum Preeclampsia Checklist
Articles, Journals
- Contributions of Clinical Disconnections and Unresolved Conflict to Failures in Intrapartum Safety
- Challenges in communication among perinatal team members: JOGNN
- Same Care No Matter Where She Gives Birth: Addressing Variation in Obstetric Care through Standardization
   Priya Agrawal, Executive Director, Merck for Mothers
- Enhancing Physicians' Use of Clinical Guidelines (JAMA, 2013)
- Preventing Maternal Death: 10 Clinical Diamonds (Green Journal, 2012)
- Where Is the "M" in Maternal-Fetal Medicine? (Green Journal, 2010)  
- Maternal Early Warning Systems
- Changes to Joint Commission Sentinel Events Chapter: Focus on Severe Maternal Morbidity, Safety Action Series

  Participating Hospitals

  Project Overview

- SMI Overview
- About Merck for Mothers
- SMI Collaborations in New York State

  Public Relations & Media

- Project Announcements
      ACOG District II
      AMCHP News Release
      AWHONN Press Release
- Press Release
      World Thrombosis Day is October 13
- Merck for Mothers News Room
- News Coverage
- Safe Motherhood Initiative Radio Messages
- Donna Montalto, MPP on Clearview Radio

  Quarterly Meetings & Monthly Calls

  Severe Hypertension

- Severe Hypertension Bundle
      PDF File
      PowerPoint Show
- First Line Agent Algorithms
      with Labetalol
      with Hydralazine
- Checklists
      Severe HTN in Pregnancy
      ED Postpartum Preeclampsia
- Post-Discharge Evaluation Algorithm
- Patient Discharge Instructions: Preeclampsia
Additional Resources
- CMQCC Preeclampsia Toolkit
      Accurate Blood Pressure Measurement
      Administration of Magnesium Sulfate

  SMI Spotlight

  Venous Thromboembolism

- VTE Bundle
      PDF File (Oct. 2014)
      PowerPoint Show (Oct. 2014)
- Antepartum Hospitalization Risk-Factor Based Prophylaxis
- Protocols for Prophylaxis
- Protocols for Therapeutic Dosing
- Timing of Neuroaxial Anesthesia

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