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  Clinician Education & Resources

- District II: Optimizing Protocols in Obstetrics
- ACOG Committee Opinion #629: Clinical Guidelines and Standardization of Practice to Improve Outcomes
- National Partnership for Maternal Safety: Maternal Early Warning System

  Contact Us

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- Staff contact information

  Data Collection

- Data portal log-in
- Data Collection Calendar

  Data Log-in

  Implementation Visits & Grand Rounds

The SMI Implementation Visit
- Overview
- Request an Implementation Visit
- Sample Agendas
- Pre-visit Questionnaire
The SMI at your Grand Rounds
- Overview
- Request a Grand Rounds 

  Obstetric Hemorrhage

Obstetric Hemorrhage Bundle
- Slide Set
- Risk Assessment Tables:
      Prenatal & Antepartum
      Labor & Delivery Admission and Intrapartum
- Checklists:
      Hemorrhage Stages 1-4
      Recommended Instruments (HEM Cart and Medication Kit)
- Posters:
      Managing Maternal Hemorrhage
Massive Transfusion Protocol (Blood Bank)
Surgical Management
Guidance Documents
- Patients Who Decline Blood Products
- Morbidly Adherent Placenta *coming soon
Additional Resources
- Obstetric Hemorrhage Simulation & Drills Info
- Obstetric Team Debriefing Form
- CMQCC Obstetric Hemorrhage
      Simulation Information
Drills Information
- AWHONN Quantification of Blood Loss Video
- AWHONN Postpartum Hemorrhage Project

  Participating Hospitals

  Patient Support

- Support for Patients, Families, Staff
- Merck for Mothers Patient Education
      PEP Talk Patient Handout
      PEP Talk Fact Sheet
      PEP Talk Tip Sheet

      Preeclampsia and High Blood Pressure During Pregnancy
      Bleeding During Pregnancy
      Managing High Blood Pressure
      Preventing Deep Vein Thrombosis

- American College of Chest Physicians: A Patient's Guide to Prevention of Blood Clots During Pregnancy
- March of Dimes
      Postpartum Hemorrhage
      High blood pressure during pregnancy
      Blood clots and pregnancy

- The Tara Hansen Foundation

  Project Overview

- SMI Overview
- About Merck for Mothers
- SMI Collaborations in New York State

  Public Relations & Media

- Project Announcements
      ACOG District II
      AMCHP News Release
      AWHONN Press Release
- Press Releases
      White Plains Hospital Collaborating with ACOG to Save Lives of Mothers During Pregnancy & Childbirth (Feb. 2015)
      World Thrombosis Day is October 13
- Building MOMentum to End Maternal Mortality [Video]
- Merck for Mothers News Room
- News Coverage
- Safe Motherhood Initiative Radio Messages
- Donna Montalto, MPP on Clearview Radio
- Spotlight

  Quarterly Meetings & Monthly Calls

- Calendar of Activities
- Upcoming Meeting
- Quarterly Meetings
      2014 Agendas
      2013 Agendas
- ACOG Distric II - NYSPFP Webinars  
- Conference Calls

  Severe Hypertension

Severe Hypertension in Pregnancy Bundle

- Slide Set (Nov. 2015) 
- Algorithms
      Oral Nifedipine
- Checklists
      Hypertensive Emergency
      ED Postpartum Preeclampsia
Additional Resources
- ACOG Hypertension in Pregnancy
- ACOG Practice Advisory on Low-Dose Aspirin and Prevention of Preeclampsia: Updated Recommendation
- NYSDOH Hypertension Disorders in Pregnancy
      Executive Summary
      Guideline Summary
- Eclampsia
      Simulation Scenario Overview #1
      Clinical Scenario #2
      Drill Assessment Tool

- CMQCC Preeclampsia Toolkit
      Accurate Blood Pressure Measurement
      Administration of Magnesium Sulfate

  Venous Thromboembolism

Venous Thromboembolism Bundle

- Slide Set (Nov. 2014)

- Protocols
      Therapeutic Dosing

Additional Resources
- *Coming soon


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