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CapitolACOG District II is the voice speaking on behalf of women's health to members of the state Legislature, the Governor and state agencies. As the leading advocate for accessible and affordable women's health care, ACOG is committed to public policies that promote high-quality health care and are responsive to women's unique needs. ACOG often serves the Legislature as a scientific and educational resource on women's health issues.


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New York State Legislature: The Basics

The New York State Legislature is a bicameral legislature that consists of the upper house, the New York State Senate with 63 members, and the lower house, the New York State Assembly with 150 members. Both Senators and Assembly members are elected on even numbered years for two-year terms. The legislative session runs from January until June each year, although it can, and often does, run longer if deemed necessary.

ACOG District II's Legislative and Executive Committees meet monthly to discuss legislative priorities, strategy, and advocacy efforts throughout the legislative session.  ACOG's lobbyists in Albany continuously track proposed legislation, attend relevant committee meetings, and compose memoranda in support or opposition to legislation of importance to ACOG's advocacy efforts. ACOG has frequent contact with members of the Legislature and works with other medical specialties and interest groups to influence policies.


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