2014 District I Residency Fair

Dear Residency Program Directors:

You are invited to participate in our ACOG District I OB-GYN Residency Fair during the 2014 ACOG District I Junior Fellow & Medical Student Day. The Residency Fair will be open on Saturday, September 6th, from 3:45 to 5:30 pm at the Conference Center at Waltham Woods in Waltham, MA. There is a $60.00 exhibitor fee to participate in the Residency Fair.

The majority of attendees at the Residency Fair will be third year medical students preparing to apply for ob-gyn residency programs, and all attendees are eager to meet with you and learn more about your program.  Medical Students have consistently requested access to current ob-gyn residents, and we encourage you to include ob-gyn residents from your program as part of your exhibition staff. 

Exhibitors will enjoy a 5ft covered table for display and two chairs.  Your display must fit on, in front of, or behind your table and must not interfere with your neighbor’s display area.  All displayed materials must be for ob-gyn residency programs, and materials from other medical specialty residency programs are prohibited. We will not be able to provide internet service, and are unable to assist with travel or shipping costs.  A refreshment break will be included.

RESERVE YOUR TABLE TODAY! Complete the registration form and submit it to me as soon as possible, but no later than Friday, August 29th. Please keep in mind that space for the fair is limited, so the sooner you apply will likely guarantee you spot. All table reservations must be made in advance and there will be no onsite exhibitor registration, but please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about our Residency Fair.  I hope to see you in Waltham!


Megan Willis
ACOG District I Program Manager
E-mail: mwillis@acog.org
Phone: 202-863-2531


Megan Willis

ACOG District I: