Professor of the Year Award Winners

The Armed Forces District Professor of the Year award is presented annually by the Junior Fellows to a Fellow who has contributed greatly to their success in the field of Obstetrics and Gynecology. Congratulations to the following winners:

2015 Michael P. Stany
2014 Charles A. Leath III
2012 Michael Sundborg
2011 Susan G. Dunlow
2010 Everett "Pat" Magann
2009 John Fischer
2008 G. Scott Rose
2007 Richard S. Lucidi
2006 Christopher M. Zahn
2005 Michael C. Gordon
2004 Michael McNamara
2003 Randal D. Robinson
2002 Andrew Steele
2001 Andrew Satin
2000 Robert E. Ricks, Jr.
1999 Byron Calhoun
1998 Jeff Hines
1997 Nancy F. Petit
1996 Gary M. Horowitz
1995 Arthur C. Wittich
1994 James E. Brown
1993 Gary Hankins
1992 Cesar Rosa
1991 Richard T. Scott, Jr.
1989 John Whellock
1988 Thomas Klein
1987 Patrick Duff
1986 Larry Gilstrap
1985 William J. Hoskins
1984 William L. Benson
1983 John C. Hauth


Gregory R. Moore

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