2014 ABO+G Maintenance of Certification Part 2

2014 ABO+G Maintenance of Certification Part 2 - Reading Lists

January 2014 Reading List

May 2014 Reading List

August 2014 Reading List

The lists are available through RefWorks. RefWorks works best with browsers such as Google Chrome and Firefox. If you are viewing your references in Internet Explorer, in order to see all references you will have to click in the circle next to “all in list” under “references to use.” Then click the yellow star to add them to your list. Hold your mouse over the “view” tab and select “my list.” All references will then be displayed on one page.

The Webtreat on Articles for Maintenance of Certification provides information on obtaining those articles from other journals that are not available from the Resource Center or Green Journal Website.

The 2014 ABOG ABC Articles in the Green Journal can be found here: http://journals.lww.com/greenjournal/Pages/ABOG.aspx (members' only)



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