National Candidates for 2018-2019

Declared candidates for national office for the term May 2018 to May 2019 are listed by office. They will appear before the Committee on Nominations and interested members at the National Officer Candidates Forum on May 7 at the 2017 Annual Clinical and Scientific Meeting in San Diego, CA. The forum is open to all Congress and College members. The deadline was April 1, 2017.


President Elect
Ted L. Anderson, MD, PhD  
Nashville, TN

District VII  

Ben H. Cheek, MD 
Columbus, GA  

District IV

Treasurer (2-year term) 
Robert H. Palmer, Jr, MD
Seattle, WA

District VIII

Assistant Secretary (2-year term)
Lydia M. Jeffries, MD    
Asheville, NC

District IV

Steven W. Remmenga, MD
Adams, NE

District VI

John S. Wachtel, MD  
Menlo Park, CA

District IX

Fellow-at-Large (2-year term)
Linda D. Bradley, MD
Cleveland, OH

District V 

David J. Garry, DO
Stony Brook, NY

District II

Randal D. Robinson, MD
San Antonio, TX

District X (Armed Forces District)

Dana G. Stone, MD
Oklahoma City, OK

District VII

Mayra J. Thompson, MD
Dallas, TX

District XI



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