2014 Junior Fellow District Officer Candidates

Offical online electronic voting for Junior Fellow District Officers will take place August 1-15, 2014.

NOTICES and instructions on how to vote will be sent via email in July.

To date, the following are the Vice Chair/Secretary Treasurer candidates selected by the Nominating Committee:

District I
Vice Chair
Sarah Rae Easter, MD
Boston, MA

Natasha Schimmoeller, MD, MPH, MA
Boston, MA

Maureen S. Hamel, MD
Providence, RI

Elon Kotlar, MD
Grantham, NH

Lorraine E. Toner, MD, MS
Danbury, CT

District II
Vice Chair
Catherine Igel, MD
New York, NY

Brian Levine, MD
New York, NY

Mireille Truong, MD
New York, NY

Melissa M. Figueroa, MD
New York, NY

Megan Campol Haynes, MD, MPH
Brooklyn, NY

District III
Vice Chair
Ashley Graul, MD
Philadelphia, PA

P. Kaitlyn Edelson, MD
Philadelphia, PA

Angel Gonzalez Rios, MD
Bethlehem, PA

Olamide Sobowale, MD
Hummelstown, PA

District IV
Vice Chair
Gerald R. Comer, MD
Charlotte, NC

Ryan D. Cuff, MD
Johns Island, SC

Elizabeth Coviello, DO
Washington, DC

Tristan Gonzalez-Sanz, MD
Winston-Salem, NC

Alison Stalzer, DO
Charleston, WV

District V

Vice Chair
David Lovejoy, Jr., MD
Lexington, KY

Tendai Chiware, MD
Ann Arbor, MI

Mathew Leonardi, MD, Hon. B.Sc.
Ontario, Canada

Katherine W. McHugh, MD
Indianapolis, IN

District VI
Vice Chair
Anna McCormick, DO
Chicago, IL

Adrianne Racek, MD
Iowa City, IA

Elizabeth Slagle, MD
Minneapolis, MN

Kristopher Bedi, DO
Chicago, IL

Abigail C. Mancuso, MD
Coralville, IA

District VII
Vice Chair
Monica R. Lee, MD
New Orleans, LA

Chris Kliethermes, MD
St. Louis, MO

Tara Ranard, MD
Chesterfield, MO

District VIII
Vice Chair
Leanne Komorowski, MD
Anchorage, AK

Jasmine, Lai, MD
Seattle, WA

Lauren A. Miller, MD, MPH
Denver, CO

Jyoti Desai, MD
Las Vegas, NV

Rachel L. Rodel, MD
Phoenix, AZ

District IX
Vice Chair
Irene Cheng, MD
Loma Linda, CA

Annette Hollingsworth-Moore, MD
Loma Linda, CA

Janie Pak, MD
San Diego, CA

Katie Alton, MD
Oakland, CA

Anna Altshuler, MD, MPH
Stanford, CA

Luu Ireland, MD, MPH
Los Angeles, CA

Armed Forces District
Vice Chair
Joshua C. Combs, MD, CAPT, USAF

Diane Caranta, MD, CAPT, MC, USAF

Army Section
Vice Chair
Erica Hope, MD, CPT, MC, USA
Gaithersburg, MD

Navy Section
Vice Chair
Margaret H. Walters, MD, LT, MC, USN
Fairfax, VA

Air Force Section
Vice Chair
Katherine G. Hayes, MD, CAPT, USAF, MC
San Antonio, TX

Distict XI
Vice Chair
Jessica Ehrig, MD
Temple, TX

Jodi M. Brannen, MD
Port Arthur, TX

Marian McRaney, MD
Irving, TX

Pooja Patel, MD
Pearland, TX

District XII

Vice Chair
Anushka Chelliah, MD
Gainesville, FL

Dione Occenad, MD, RN, BSN
Miami, FL

Dawn Bowers, MD
Jacksonville, FL

Tiffany A. Wells, MD
Orlando, FL








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