2014 ACOG Mentor of the Year Award Recipients!

The ACOG Committee on Honors and Recognitions and the Junior Fellow Congress Advisory Council would like to congratulate the 2014 ACOG Mentor of the Year Award Recipients!

District I
Paul Bobby, MD
Janine M. Popot, MD
Tracey Shevell, MD
Emily Singer, MD

District II
David H. Barad, MD
Norbert Gleicher, MD
Divya Gupta, MD
Chavi Karkowsky, MD
Eli Serur, MD
Desmond A. White, MD

District III
Richard Henderson, MD
Christopher Lobo, MD
Nana Tchabo, MD

District IV
David F. Archer, MD
Stephen Contag, MD
Veronica Gomez-Lobo, MD
Cheryl Iglesia, MD
Denise Jamieson, MD, MPH
Oscar C. Ortiz, MD

District V
Michael Blumenfeld, MD
Sherry D. Hinton, MD
Shari Maxwell, MD
Philip Samuels, MD

District VI
Dobie Gites, MD
Melissa Simon, MD, MPH
Colleen Stockdale, MD

District VII
Ted L. Anderson, MD, PhD
Michelle Y. Owens, MD, MS
Dionysios K. Veronikis, MD

District VIII
William "Buzz" Brown, III, MD
Erin A.S. Clark, MD
Michael Foley, MD
Judy Kimelman, MD
Michael Schneider, MD
Valerie Sorkin-Wells, MD
Michael Urig, MD

District IX
Alethea Bernstein, MD
Shea O'Neill, MD
Alejandrina Rincon, MD

District X--Armed Forces District
Maureen Farrell, MD
Jason C. Massengill, MD
Katerina (Katie) Shvartsman, MD

District XI
Vivian Aguilar, MD
Sean Blackwell, MD
K. Michael Butterman, MD
Kimberly Carter, MD
Belinda Kohl-Thomas, MD
Phyllis Lawani, MD
Randal Robinson, MD
Gladys Tse, MD

District XII
Julie DeCesare, MD
Cole Greves, MD


Christine Himes

Wanda Proctor
Project Coordinator

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