ACOG Antepartum Form and EMRs

Many years ago, ACOG made the paper Antepartum form available to any and all EMR vendors to use in the development of their pregnancy modules. Most vendors used the ACOG form to develop their product so that all of the fields from the paper form are somewhere in the vendor’s electronic record. None of the EMR vendors have reproduced the ACOG paper form electronically.

Each vendor has developed their own 'workflow', so in a demonstration, you would need to walk through your personal workflow to see how it matches with the vendor's product. Almost everyone who implements an EMR in their practice can expect to change or modify their workflow in some way.

ACOG does not make recommendation on specific EMRs. Company mergers and the different workflow preferences of physicians make recommendations impractical.

Electronic Health Records: Status, Needs and Lessons – 2011 Report Based on 2010 Data is a report by Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) showing survey results of EMRs used in physician practices. The ob-gyn data in the survey results shows that private practice ob-gyns reported using the following office-based EMRs: (Products used by hospital based/enterprise systems omitted.)

% of
Company: Product
23.3% Greenway: Prime Suite
10.3% digiChart
6.0% NextGen Ambulatory
5.2% e-Clinical Works
3.4% Sage: Intergy (Sage has recently merged with Greenway)

If you are interested in participating with the federal incentive programs, or “Meaningful Use,” you might want to check into the services provided by your state Regional Extension Center or REC. Some states allow ob-gyns to qualify for free or low cost service in selecting an EMR and will also assist you in attesting to Stage 1 of Meaningful Use.

For more information and to find the RECs in your area, go to:


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