STDs Resource Guide - Information

This section describes websites that provide overview material on the topic and substantial information about STDs.  The information is useful for both health care providers and the public.

Advocates for Youth

This website is designed for young people, parents, media, and providers and offers information on general topics pertaining to youth, including STDs.

Afraid to Ask

This site provides detailed information on STD manifestations, signs, symptoms, treatment, and risks.

American Social Health Association

ASHA develops and provides accurate, medically reliable information about STDs. Resources to answer questions, find referrals, join support groups, and get access to in-depth information about STDs are provided on their website. ASHA also has a website designed for teenagers at

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

At this website you will find a complete set of information on most STDs and STD topics, related links, conferences,  resources, programs and campaign information, and fact sheets for information and distribution about individual STDs and other related topics (such as STDs in pregnancy).

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
National Prevention Information Network

CDC National Prevention Information Network provides extensive information on STDs, prevention, statistics, guidelines, education, and outreach activities.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
STD Communication Database

The STD Communications Database is a tool to help public health practitioners create specialized STD prevention programs. It provides access to: best practices in communications, audience profiles, theoretical approaches, and training decision-support tools.

National Institutes of Health

This website provides STD information for the general public. Spanish versions are available for some documents. Topics covered include: STDs and the young population, overview of STDs (interactive site), STD symptoms and prevention, and STD treatment.


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