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HIV and AIDS cases are continuing to increase in the US and worldwide.  In the US, women account for 27% of new AIDS cases.  In 2004, 78% of cases of newly diagnosed HIV infection in women in the US were acquired through heterosexual transmission, and many infected women were unaware of their partner’s risk.  HIV/AIDS was the leading cause of death among African American women ages 25-34 in 2004.  Worldwide, women account for nearly half of new HIV infections.

Highly effective antiretroviral agents are now available for treatment of HIV infection.  Ideally everyone should be aware of their HIV status to allow appropriate therapy and prevent transmission.  All pregnant women should be encouraged to be tested for HIV to allow appropriate treatment of themselves and prophylaxis to prevent perinatal transmission if found to be HIV-infected.  Therapy for HIV is complex, and recommendations continue to evolve.  While the websites listed here offer useful information, consultation with experts through hotlines listed here or local resources is also recommended.

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