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Cancer remains the 2nd leading cause of death for women.   It is estimated that one in three women will be diagnosed with a cancer in her lifetime. Cancer is caused when abnormal cells grow and lose their control to die.  The abnormal cells grow and form more abnormal cells.  Cancers can destroy the surrounding tissues and spread in the local area or can spread to distant areas.   Most cancers occur randomly, although there are individuals who carry genes that may cause them to be at higher risk of developing a cancer.  Cancers can occur in different parts of the body.  Different cancers behave differently and respond to different treatments.  Not all cancers are treated or detected in the same way.  Cancers occur more common in different age groups, one or the other gender and sometimes in different ethnic groups.  Information about cancer can be found in general or can be searched based on age, site, or gender.

Are you looking for information on cancer prevention, screening, early detection and treatment, in general for women?

Are you looking for information on cancer prevention, screening, early detection, and treatment of women’s cancers?

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