Attend a Town Hall Meeting

Recess is a perfect time to attend candidate forums and town hall meetings. Your Senators are home until April 12 and many are holding town hall meetings or candidate forums to hear what’s important to YOU. This is a great opportunity to get your Senator’s attention.

With your help we can fix the broken Medicare reimbursement system by telling your Senator to VOTE YES ON HR 2. HR 2 is bipartisan legislation that will REPEAL the SGR and replace it with a payment system that we hope will result in stable, appropriate payments and high quality care.

The US House passed the SGR repeal bill with overwhelming numbers, but the Senate failed to act before leaving for recess.  The US Senate will take up the bill as soon as they return. We have never before been this close to repealing the SGR and with your help, we can get it over the finish line.

Participating in a town hall meeting or candidate forum is easy:

  1. Find out when and where your Members of Congress or candidates are holding town hall meetings or forums by calling their offices or visiting their websites. Many send out flyers, so check your mailbox.

    You can find the contact information for each member of Congress's local office by entering your zip code here. Click on the "info" links below their photos. District office information is included in "Contact Information.

    Ask to receive your Member of Congress's newsletter so that you will know about future town hall meetings and events. You may also be able to sign up for their newsletters via their websites.

  2. Review our ask: REPEAL THE SGR, PASS HR 2.

  3. Invite a friend, colleague, or family member to go with you. Think power in numbers.

  4. At the town hall meeting or forum, check to see whether there is procedure for the meeting. There may be a sign-up sheet for individuals who would like to ask questions. When it’s your turn, ask the candidate to vote YES and pass HR2.

  5. Be sure to follow-up. Your follow-up begins at the end of the town hall or forum. Try to talk with any media representatives present about this important issue. Find the Senator to thank him or her and reiterate your interest in repealing the sgr. Find the Senators’ staff. Introduce yourself and explain your support for passing HR 2. Provide them a copy of this material.  After the meeting or forum, send the Senator a thank you note reiterating your request.

  6. Tell us what happened! Click here to tell us about what happened at the town hall meeting or forum you attended. We’ll follow up and support your work.

For more information please contact ACOG’s Government Affairs Department at 202.863.2505, or

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