ACOG's 2016 Finale Fly-In: National Defense Authorization Act

Ensure Access to Women’s Health Care for our Servicewomen

Every year, Congress authorizes funding for the Department of Defense through the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). This year, three different sections of the Senate-passed bill (Secs. 730, 735, and 752) contain language that would significantly reduce or eliminate ob-gyns and pediatricians in the Military Health System (MHS).

Sections 730 and 735 would eliminate beneficiary care for the families of military service members within the MHS – pushing families off base and into the private sector, often in locations that already have major access problems. Section 752, would direct the Secretary of Defense to eliminate specialties, including ob-gyn and pediatrics, from DoD graduate medical education (GME) programs.

TAKE ACTION: Tell your Members of Congress to ACT NOW on this and other bipartisan women’s health priorities.

Why We Need Your Help

These provisions undermine our military’s effectiveness by taking away needed healthcare access from female service members and dependents. According to the DoD, there are 201,400 women currently serving on active duty, 15% of all active duty military, and 9,200 women are deployed.

Ob-gyns provide primary, preventive, and surgical care for active duty service members and Armed Forces families. Ob-gyns in the military’s GME programs train general surgery residents in important field procedures, including common ob-gyn operating techniques that are critical to care in combat zones.

Solving this Problem

Enact a National Defense Authorization Act that preserves access to ob-gyns and pediatricians in the Military Health System by removing Sections 730, 735, and 752 of the Senate-passed bill from the final NDAA.


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