Program Overview

The Office of Global Women’s Health has several active partnerships that create opportunities for our members to be part of the solution to improve women’s health globally.

More information about our program:

Improving Clinical Competencies and Quality of Care: In-service training and pre-service education of doctors, clinical officers, nurses, and midwives

Professional Association Strengthening (PAS): Increasing the ability of professional associations (PAs) to become leaders in their field and conduct oversight and assessment of health team skills and outcomes. A stronger association leads to improved education and training of Ob/Gyn residents and facility-based care as well as improved data collection.

Global Health Resource Center: Providing resources for health care providers, Ob/Gyn training programs and PAs. Information on delivery of women’s health care. Quality improvement materials and clinical materials and tools adapted for low-resource settings.

Global Health Scholars: Offering bi-directional programs for Ob/Gyns to have exposure to practice medicine in limited resource settings, increasing skills in clinical care, quality assessment, monitoring and evaluation projects, and advocacy.

Utilizing ACOG’s expertise, OGWH addresses the multifactorial reasons for a lack of access to high quality health care, EmONC and surgical obstetrics through:

  • Multi-disciplinary team building of health workers in basic and comprehensive emergency obstetric care to prevent treatable maternal mortality and morbidity
  • Pre- and in-service training in surgical obstetrics, managing obstructed labor to prevent fistula and other injury, addressing post-partum hemorrhage, and post-abortion care
  • Improving medical education and residency programs through curriculum development, re/certification, CME development, dissemination of educational materials and examinations
  • Quality Improvement of health facilities, utilizing various quality assessment techniques, including an evaluation based on ACOG guidelines, with a focus on ensuring high impact, high quality EmONC


OGWH Staff:

Carla Eckhardt, Senior Director, Global Women's Health & Special Issues in Women’s Health

Elizabeth O'Connell, Director of Development

Vineeta Gupta, Technical Director

Berhanu Tadesse Taye, MD, MBA, Program Director

Fiona Clem, Information Manager

Andrea Momah, Program Administrator

Hanan Abdulahi, Program Specialist, ACOG-ESOG Progam

Sandra Menendez,, Program Specialist

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