2014-2017 Fellow District Nominating Committees

Please contact your District Nominating Committee Chair (contact info provided below for all District Nominating Committees in the 2014-2017 election cycle) if you wish to give feedback on any of the official District candidates listed on our website, or if you would like to know the date of the Nominating Committee Meeting. The Nominating Committee Meeting dates that have been conveyed to the ACOG National Office are listed next to their respective Committee.

District II Nominating Committee
*The District II Nominating Committee Meeting will take place on Thursday, October 24th. If you have any comments or questions about the District II Candidates, please contact the District II Office (518/436-3461; info@ny.acog.org) or the members of the Nominating Committee prior to the date of the meeting.*

Dr. Scott Hayworth - CHAIR
Tel: 914/242-1569
Email: shayworth@mkmg.com

Dr. Richard Waldman
Tel: 315/441-5494
Email: rwacog@aol.com

Dr. Hartja Powell
Tel: 732/718-8558
Email: hgill.md10@gmail.com

Dr. Joanne Stone
Tel: 212/241-0535
Email: joanne.stone@mssm.edu

Dr. Gregory Kliot
Tel: 718/693-1011
Email: kliotmd@mindspring.com

Dr. David Chiang
Tel: 718/321-2550
Email: davesvh@aol.com

Dr. John Vullo
Tel: 631/321-4811
Email: jjvnyc@aol.com

Dr. Samuel Badalian
Tel: 315/476-9136
Email: badalian@netzero.com

Dr. George Danakas
Tel: 716/652-8606
Email: drobg@aol.com

Dr. Adina Keller
Tel: 914/242-1445
Email: akeller@mkmg.com

Dr. David Garry
Tel: 718/920-9647
Email: dgarry@montefiore.org

Dr. Cheryl Burack
Tel: 518/465-3318
Email: mhb98@nycap.rr.com

Dr. David Gandell
Tel: 585/461-5940
Email: david_gandell@urmc.rochester.edu


District V Nominating Committee
*The District V Nominating Committee Meeting will take place on Tuesday, August 6th. If you have any comments or questions about the
District V candidates, please contact any member of the Nominating Committee prior to the date of the meeting.*

Dr. Robert Lorenz - CHAIR
Tel: 248/363-4697
Email: boblorenz33@gmail.com

Dr. Craig Strafford
Tel: 740/446-6575
Email: craig@strafford.info

Dr. Mark Gentry
Email: megentrymd@gmail.com

Dr. Ken Payne
Tel: 502/797-9940
Email: kjpayn01@hotmail.com

 Dr. Gene McNeeley
Tel: 313/745-0499
Email: smcneele@dmc.org

Dr. Robert Flora
Tel: 330/434-0543
Email: rfflora@aol.com

Dr. Nathan Roth
Tel: 416/609-8868
Email: nathanroth@rogers.com


District VIII Nominating Committee
*The District VIII Nominating Committee Meeting will take place on Wednesday, September 25th. If you have any comments or questions about the District VIII candidates, please contact any member of the Nominating Committee prior to the date of the meeting.*

Dr. J. Joshua Kopelman - CHAIR
Tel: 303/797-7227
Email: jgooddr@aol.com

Dr. Kathryn Ostrom
Tel: 907/339-1671
Email: katie_ostrom@yahoo.com

Dr. Martine Roy
Tel: 780/483-2901
Email: mnroy@shaw.ca

Dr. Ilana Addis
Tel: 520/626-6591
Email: iaddis@email.arizona.edu

Dr. Petra Selke
Tel: 604/872-1260
Email: paselkemd@gmail.com

Dr. Luis Villatoro
Tel: 50422399804
Email: lvillatoro@hotmail.com

Dr. Kimberly Warner
Tel: 303/861-3542
Email: kimwarner@mac.com

Dr. Lori Kamemoto
Email: lkamemot@hawaii.edu

Dr. Darin Weyhrich
Tel: 208/342-2516
Email: weyhrich@sitestar.net

Dr. Kathleen Nelson
Tel: 406/752-5252
Email: kgnelson@centurytel.net

Dr. Timothy McFarren
Tel: 775/883-3636
Email: babies4u@@sbcglobal.net

Dr. Sharon Phelan
Tel: 505/272-4051
Email: Stphelan@salud.unm.edu

Dr. Marguerite Cohen
Tel: 503/235-9418
Email: mpcohen@teleport.com

Dr. Alan Rappleye
Tel: 801/261-3605
Email: arappleye@sisna.com

Dr. Judith Kimelman
Tel: 206/230-5663
Email: judykandbobm@comcast.net

Dr. Susan Sheridan
Tel: 307/234-6988
Email: susanmsheridan@hotmail.com

Dr. Nicole Marshall
Tel: 503/494-2612
Email: marshani@ohsu.edu

Dr. Ben Curet
Tel: 505/296-7068
Email: bcuret@unm.edu 


District IX Nominating Committee

Dr. Frank Gamberdella - CHAIR
Tel: 805/687-1374
Email: fgamberdella@gmail.com

Dr. Jim Macer
Tel: 626/449-6223
Email: macer7@aol.com

Dr. Laurie Gregg
Tel: 916/927-3178
Email: drlauriegregg@hotmail.com

Dr. Jeffrey Cragun
Tel: 916/983-3500
Email: jcragun@folsomobgyn.com

Dr. Mibhali Bhalala
Tel: 650/299-2318
Email: mibhali@gmail.com

Dr. Peter Nassar
Tel: 559/674-0917
Email: pnassar43@comcast.net

Dr. Virginia Siegfried
Tel: 805/963-2445
Email: vasiegfried@gmail.com

Dr. Kimberly Gregory
Tel: 310/423-5420
Email: kimberly.gregory@cshs.org

Dr. Bryan Oshiro
Tel: 909/558-7496
Email: boshiro@llu.edu

Dr. John McHugh
Tel: 619/675-4071
Email: jpmchugh1@yahoo.com

Dr. Douglas Fenton
Email: dkfenton@ucsd.edu


Mary Behneman
Senior Director

Megan Willis


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