Young physician update

Dr. Nicole E. MarshallDr. Sarah W. PragerNicole E. Marshall, MD, and Sarah W. Prager, MD, District VIII young physicians

We attended an interesting Young Physician Leadership Council Meeting on May 5 as part of the Annual Clinical Meeting in New Orleans. While there were many agenda topics, one of the most surprising was a discussion regarding the mentorship survey (thanks to all of you who completed it several months ago!). The majority of young physicians who responded are happy with their current level of mentorship and do not feel ACOG national or their district young physician representatives can help them find mentorship. This issue had been a primary focus for leadership over the last few years, so the survey results sparked a discussion about other areas that are potentially more important for new Fellows starting out in practice. Other areas discussed include maintenance of certification, medical liability, financial protection, and work-life balance.

Some interesting data presented at the meeting indicated that the number of ob-gyns who report having substance abuse issues has increased recently. It is unclear if the data represent a true increase in incidence or if reporting has simply improved. There is some discussion about exploring the extent to which substance abuse is a problem with young physicians. We welcome your input as to whether or not you see this as a critical issue.

We would love to hear your thoughts on what would be most helpful to you in your first eight years as Fellows and ways we can help your professional and personal development. As your District VIII representatives, we are focused on making ACOG as career- and family-friendly as possible. We’re working to minimize time away from practice and family by streamlining meetings and making sure they are family-friendly. What would make it easier for you to attend ACOG meetings? What has kept you from becoming more involved in ACOG?  

The Fourth Annual Young Physician Luncheon will be held on Friday, September 27, as part of the Annual District Meeting in Maui, HI. Ralph W. Hale, MD, past ACOG executive vice president, will present a condensed version of his popular “Future Leaders of Obstetrics and Gynecology” course, which will provide practical tips for different leadership styles. These tips will be helpful as we take on new challenges in our practices.

Informal gatherings are also planned for the ADM, including kid time by the pool and a happy hour for young physicians to network and build support systems. We should support one another as we are shaping our practices. As always, we welcome suggestions for additional gatherings and future meetings.

As a reminder, please check out the young physician website for additional helpful resources. We hope to see you in Maui!

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