2013 ADM: Interactive learning in Maui

Dr. Tod C. AebyTod C. Aeby, MD, District VIII program chair

What if you went to a three-day conference, got hours of CME instruction, and never once thought of falling asleep or checking your email?

A lofty goal, I know, but that is exactly what the Planning Committee would like to achieve with the 2013 Annual District Meeting in Maui, HI. The committee has been hosting focus groups to help develop the ADM, and the results from those groups keep rolling in. We are starting to get a good idea of what potential attendees want from the ADM.

If you want to make your voice heard, there are still several online focus group meetings in the works. Email me at aeby@hawaii.edu if you’re interested in participating.

The ADM will be held at the Grand Wailea Resort September 26–28, and it will be in what we’re calling a “sandwich format.” The presentations that make up the first slice of bread will follow breakfast or lunch and will feature important contemporary topics that spouses and significant others will also enjoy. 

As an example, Charles Miller, PhD, assistant professor at the University of Minnesota and an explorer and expert in mobile learning, will give the keynote address on new and exciting methods for improving interaction and learning in face-to-face and distance educational environments. Dr. Miller will share his interactive learning system, “Flipgrid,” which we will be using throughout the ADM.

Flipgrid offers the potential for virtual attendance at the ADM, so members won’t have to travel to Maui to participate. (But really, who doesn’t want to travel to Maui?)

The meat of the sandwich will be the “Maintenance of Confidence: Learning You Won’t Forget” program, which will consist of several short, interactive sessions reviewing approaches to common ob-gyn conditions. These sessions will be heavily based on ACOG educational materials.

The last slice of bread will be “Controversies in Ob-Gyn.” The topics of these sessions will be selected (about three months before the ADM) based on suggestions from members.

The Planning Committee is excited to take on the challenge of keeping everyone awake and engaged. Will we pull it off? You won’t know unless you participate!

Additional attractions include:

  • Social events—Welcome Reception; “Dancing with the Docs;” and an astronomy lecture
  • Breakout sessions—“Taking Mobile and Interactive Learning Back Home;” “Personal and Professional Financial Planning;” and one more to-be-decided session based on focus group input
  • Leadership training—Organized by Junior Fellows and young physicians, though everyone is invited to attend
  • Clinical symposia—Scheduled throughout the three-day conference at times that will not interfere with the main learning agenda