Young physician report

Dr. Stacey L. HolmanStacey L. Holman, MD, District VII young physician

I attended an interesting Young Physician Leadership Council Meeting in May as part of the Annual Clinical Meeting in New Orleans. Results of the mentorship survey were discussed. Eighty percent of respondents could identify someone they go to for advice on career advancement, work-life balance, and goal-setting for the future.

We also discussed ACOG’s involvement in the grievance process and the ethical guidelines that should be followed as an ACOG member. We talked about the need for an educational model to inform members about the grievance process and the Code of Professional Ethics. The Ninth Annual Young Physician Breakfast Forum at the ACM included a follow-up talk on mentorship and an overview of the Affordable Care Act.

The topics discussed at these meetings reiterate the importance of young physician involvement at every level of our specialty. I encourage young physicians to apply for committee and leadership positions within ACOG. Please visit the young physician website for helpful resources and information.

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