Ob-GynPAC needs your support

Dr. Laura J. DavidLaura J. David, MD, District V Ob-GynPAC representative and Ohio Section chair

Ob-GynPAC, ACOG’s federal political action committee, continues to be vigorously active as we head into the 2014 elections and anticipate an increasing amount of federal and state legislation affecting the day-to-day interaction between patients and physicians. Contributions to Ob-GynPAC are vital so the PAC can lobby Congress about important issues, such as preserving the sanctity and privacy of the patient-physician relationship and ensuring funding for health prevention programs for women and their families.

Over the last two years, Ob-GynPAC has raised more than $1 million, which places it at the same level as the most active physician specialty groups on Capitol Hill. The PAC had its best year of fundraising in 2013, with $580,000 in contributions.

This year, ACOG provided space on its annual dues statement to indicate a PAC contribution. The efficiency of this all-in-one billing and payment form resulted in an excellent start to 2014. More than $110,000 has been raised nationally from this effort. However, we still have a long way to go before the fall elections. We must continue to consider how we can make our voices heard at the state level.  

Ob-GynPAC is bipartisan. In 2013, it contributed to 66 Democratic candidates and 57 Republican candidates, with the total monies spent virtually equally between Democrats and Republicans. It considers candidate races and issues individually and with wide input from members of the Ob-GynPAC Governing Committee and the Committee on Government Affairs, along with the ACOG Government Relations and Outreach department.

In 2013, District V members contributed more than $31,000 to the Ob-GynPAC. However, just 5.9% of our members were responsible for this contribution. In comparison, among the other 10 contributing districts, 9.6% of members on average participated.

We know that there are many issues concerning women’s health within Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, and Ohio, and the work that Ob-GynPAC does at the state and federal levels and its assistance and legislative resources are invaluable to us all. Junior Fellows alone raised $39,000 for Ob-GynPAC last year. Let’s join them in our commitment to the future of medicine and ob-gyn. 

Any amount of contribution is welcome. Visit the Ob-GynPAC website for more information. (You will not be favored or disadvantaged by reason of the amount of your contribution or a decision not to contribute. Contributions from foreign nationals are not permitted.)

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