December 2013

District IX News

In this issue: Message from the chair; District IX Fellows lead California Medical Association; Wellness corner; Disaster planning for obstetric units

  • Message from the chair: Changes to legal status of home birth

    Home births in California do not always go smoothly when a transfer of care is necessary. One challenge is how difficult it is for a midwife to obtain a physician supervisor...

  • From the editor

    With practice standards advancing every day, our goal is to provide you with the news you need to stay on top...

  • District IX Fellows lead California Medical Association

    District IX leadership works tirelessly to advocate for your ability to provide care for your patients. Still, it’s not always good news in Sacramento...

  • Wellness corner

    Mindfulness is a state of being more fully present in everyday situations. Thus, multitasking and general busyness work against mindfulness...

  • Disaster planning for obstetric units

    Obstetric units have unique needs in the world of disaster planning. In these units you’ll find healthy women in addition to women who are medically fragile...

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Kathryn Agard
District IX Manager

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