December 2012

District IX News
In this issue: Message from the chair: Challenges to patient-physician relationship; Drawing out postpartum depression; Legislative victories for women’s health; Adoption 101 for ob-gyns
  • Message from the chair: Challenges to patient-physician relationship

    The patient-physician relationship has evolved over the course of our careers. We now partner with patients in shared decision-making, offering many solutions with unique risks and benefits...

  • Drawing out postpartum depression

    In September 2011, physicians, mental health professionals, and women’s health advocates came together for the first time to discuss perinatal mood and anxiety disorders...

  • Legislative victories for women’s health

    The high percentage of bills we supported that passed the Legislature and were signed by the governor was remarkable given California’s ongoing budget crisis...

  • Adoption 101 for ob-gyns

    Your training enables you to assist with the medical aspects of care, but it may leave you unprepared to advise patients considering adoption...

  • District announcements

    Ob-GynPAC needs your support; Get covered California! An update on the Affordable Care Act; Medi-Cal requiring physicians to re-enroll in January...

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Kathryn Agard
District IX Manager

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