Council of District Chairs honors District IV with Service Recognition Award

District IV has won a Council of District Chairs Service Recognition Award for its efforts in perinatal data collection over the last seven years. The award is given to an ACOG district or section in recognition of an outstanding activity it has contributed to the field of ob-gyn.

In 2005, Ramon A. Suarez, MD, then-District IV chair, recognized a need for current, reliable perinatal statistical information to be available for the purpose of health care planning. The responsibility for developing this data was delegated to the West Virginia Section. Over the ensuing seven years, a network of health care statisticians was identified, encompassing all the District IV sections, with the exception of the West Indies Section for which there was no common geopolitical entity.

A report was generated each year thereafter. Initially, the report consisted of 14 data sets presented over 29 pages. The report now includes 20 data sets presented on 62 pages. The most recent report is available on the District IV website.

The West Virginia Section undertook this project and expanded its scope well beyond any expectations. The data collected has been used to keep Fellows apprised of current outcomes. It has also been an invaluable asset in highlighting patient safety issues and providing current reliable outcome information to health care system planners. District IV is pleased to have initiated this project and is exceptionally proud of the efforts of the West Virginia Section, particularly Robert C. Nerhood, MD, in bringing it to fruition.

District III also won a CDC Service Recognition Award this year for “The OBesity Project,” an educational collaboration with its Pennsylvania Section. ACOG recognizes the hard work and determination of all the districts and sections nominated for the award:

  • District I: Massachusetts Section, Perinatal Quality Collaborative
  • District II: Rochester Gynecology Clinic for Women with Special Needs
  • District V: Kentucky Section, Healthy Babies Are Worth the Wait
  • District VI: Mentorship Program
  • District VIII: Nevada Section, Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders Project
  • District IX: Speakers Bureau Project
  • Armed Forces District: Air Force Section, Obstetric Quality Initiative

More information on all these submissions is available on the District and Section Activities website.

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