Continuing Medical Education Committee

Dr. Frank N. Harrison

Frank N. Harrison, MD, committee chair

Greetings from a first-year, raw recruit in continuing medical education (CME). My role as District IV CME Committee chair officially began in October, and I am learning every day about the intricacies of CME. Having been introduced to CME from the provider side (ie, hosting CME-sponsored meetings), being involved with CME as a representative of the process has opened my eyes to the true value of continued education in our careers.

I began preparations for my term as chair with the accreditation workshop “2012 CME as a Bridge to Quality,” which was sponsored by the Accreditation Council for CME in August. This two-day workshop helped put in perspective the role that CME plays in our professional careers. Its overview of the educational process allowed me to understand the relationship of undergraduate, graduate, and CME. I was also introduced to the concept of maintenance of licensures.

The workshop was followed by a conference call with the ACOG CME Committee in September. As a result of the call, I was familiarized with expectations of the district committee chairs and the timeline for our responsibilities this year. I also learned about future CME occurrences, such as PROLOG eModules and Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategies.

Since taking over as chair of the District IV CME Committee, I have already been involved in CME issues with three of our sections: Virginia, Georgia, and South Carolina. I look forward to the next three years of being active on the CME Committee. Its activity is essential for our physicians’ professional development.

Please contact me at or 704-355-3153 for any CME needs you may have.

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