Dominican Republic Section report

Dr. Milciades Albert-FiorinelliMilciades Albert-Fiorinelli, MD, section chair

The Dominican Republic Section participated in two academic events this year. The Central America and Caribbean Congress was held in April. Our contributions to this Congress were led by Alejandro A. Paradas-Caba, MD, section vice chair, and we were represented by Jose C. Figueroa-Mendez, MD, section treasurer; Luis Rojas, MD, Committee of Accreditation of the Dominican Republic and ACOG (CARDA) chair; and Jack Ludmir, MD, section coordinator. They presented on controversies in gynecologic practice.

The Congress of Maternal-Fetal Medicine was held in September. Julio G. Gonell-Morell, MD, section secretary, participated in the organization of this event. Dr. Ludmir presented several academic lectures with topics related to maternal-fetal health.

I spoke with Roberto J. Romero, MD, professor of ob-gyn at Wayne State University, Detroit, and chief of perinatology research, National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, MD, at this Congress. He is interested in developing research with members of our section on the possibility of decreasing the rate of preterm birth by universal cervical length screening and vaginal progesterone.

Section officers also made contact recently with Luis A. Villatoro, MD, Central America Section chair (in District VIII), and Hernan Munoz, MD, Chile Section member (in District I). We hope to exchange ideas with them regarding section statutes.

The Dominican Republic Section website is under construction. Its completion is set for this month. Section officers are committed to using the website as a means of communication with members across the country.

The website will feature:

  • The history of our section
  • Our section statutes, so members will know their rights and responsibilities
  • A list of members with their contact information
  • A guide, in Spanish, on how to pay dues
  • Information, in Spanish, about ACOG and District III academic activities, seminars, conferences, and meetings

We are proud to announce that two hospitals have been approved for accreditation by CARDA. We have approximately 100 applicants from these hospitals to become members of our section. The first test for applicants was scheduled for this month, but there have been unforeseen delays with the accreditation process. We hope to have these issues resolved soon.

The Dominican Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology will hold its XXI Congress in April 2013. We will be presenting during the academic exchange and welcome all members of District III to attend.

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