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What Your Donation Supports


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What Your Donation Supports

Membership dues only account for 31% of our annual budget, making donations to the College an invaluable financial component in our ability to participate in and initiate new programs and projects that would otherwise be out of reach.  Past contributions have supported an array of important activities including those for underserved women, the Council on Patient Safety in Women’s Health Care, reVITALize,  and tool kits on tobacco use in pregnancy. So, which Society is right for you?


President’s Society, is reserved for donors of $2,500. President’s Society members receive complimentary annual meeting registration for themselves and one guest, access to the Donor Lounge for you both, onsite fast-track registration, and other site specific amenities.


Beacham Society, named for the College’s first President, Dr. Woodward Beacham, is reserved for our donors of $1,000.  Beacham Society members receive complimentary annual meeting registration, access to the Donor Lounge, onsite fast-track registration, and other site specific amenities.


Reis Society, honoring Dr. Ralph A. Reis, the first Editor-in Chief of Obstetrics and Gynecology, is for our annual donors of $500.  Reis Society members have access to onsite fast-track registration and are welcome in the Donor Lounge at the annual meeting.


Schmitz Society, honoring Dr. Herbert E. Schmitz, the first Treasurer of the Executive Board of Directors of the College, is reserved for our $100 donors.  Schmitz Society members have access to on-site fast track registration, receive a distinctive ribbon to wear at the annual meeting and are recognized in all print materials.   


Junior Fellows Society was created exclusively for Junior Fellows in Training, Junior Fellows in Training-Fellowship, and Junior Fellows in Practice.  To encourage and acknowledge your philanthropic dedication to women’s health, we are offering this Society at $250 per year.  The Junior Fellow Society offers its members access to the Donor Lounge and onsite fast-track registration at the annual meeting.  This is a great opportunity to meet ACOG leaders, seek mentorship and build new friendships with Fellows.


Interested in making even more of an impact? Consider making a

planned gift or endowment.

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 How to Give:

 Stipends and Honoraria:

  • Stipends and honoraria from ACOG can be redirected back to the College.  Please contact Kathleen Kenny at before accepting payments to avoid tax-liabilities. Stipends and honoraria from other organizations can also be redirected back to the College, however tax-liabilities may apply. Contact the organization for details. 

 Credit Cards:

  • You may make one-time gifts or recurring donations with all major credit cards.   


  • Please make all checks payable to The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and mail to Development Department, ACOG, 409 12th Street, SW, Washington, DC, 20024.

 Stock/Marketable Securities:

  • If you would like to donate marketable securities, please have your broker or custodian send the certificates “free and clear” through the DTC system to:

              DTC ID #5198
              Merrill Lynch Account: 5TL-02248
              American College of Ob/GYN Reserve Assets

Either you or your custodian should contact Mr. Winship Ross in the office of George Dunn and Peter Dunne at the Global Institutional Consulting Division of Merrill Lynch to notify him of a pending transfer.  Please include the name and quantity of the securities.  His email is and phone is 301-215-4445.

Please Note: Contributions to the College are considered charitable donations and are fully tax-deductible to the extent allowed by applicable law.

For Beacham and President’s Society Members who attend the Annual Meeting, your charitable donation is limited to the amount of your gift less the value of registration.  This $600.00 decrease may still qualify as a tax-deductible business expense under IRS regulations and we encourage you to consult your tax advisor. If however, you receive complimentary registration through another College activity or responsibility, your donation is fully tax deductible. For President’s Society members bringing a spouse, your tax deductibility would decrease by an additional $190.00.

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Katie O'Connell
Development Officer 


Kathleen Kenny
Senior Manager, Individual Giving

Stevie Cline
Director of Development, Industry Relations

Elizabeth O'Connell
Director of Development, Underserved and International Women's Programs


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