New Ticket Database for Coding Questions


Effective April 6, 2015, Fellows and their staff will be able to submit specific OB/GYN coding questions to ACOG Coding Assistance by registering for our New Ticket Database at  Registration is free, quick and easy!

Registered database users will have access to a wide variety of new features in the ACOG Coding Ticket Database including a Coding Committee knowledge base (FAQ), searchable tickets, Coding Questions of the Month, easier ticket submission and tracking and much, much, more!

ACOG Coding Assistance is a member service. Questions may be submitted without registering, but if not registered, in order that we may prioritize Fellow requests appropriately, unregistered users should provide the ACOG member name and/or ID on all requests. Non-member questions are responded to as the lowest priority. Questions submitted without an associated ACOG physician member name or ID will be assumed to be from a non-member.

As per our usual policy, there is no additional charge for coding questions, although we do request that no more than 3 questions, per practice, per month, are submitted, so that we may serve all of our Fellows in a timely fashion. Questions are answered in the order received, usually within 2-4 weeks if identified as being from an ACOG member or member staff.

If you do not have access to internet and are sending a question by fax, please fax it to (202) 484-7480. All patient information must be de-identified (i.e., EOB) due to HIPAA requirements.

PLEASE NOTE!!! As of April 6th, ACOG Coding Assistance will no longer accept coding questions through the email address and this email address will not be monitored.

For general information please send questions to

Thank you for your cooperation!!!

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