2014 ACOG Coding Workshops

Ensure that your practice is prepared for ICD-10 implementation day (October 1, 2015) by attending an ACOG Coding Workshop this year.  All diagnostic coding principles and guidelines in each workshop module will be illustrated using only ICD-10 coding examples.

In 2014, ACOG’s coding workshops will consist of up to four modules. Providers and their staff can attend one, two, three, or all four modules, depending on their interest and their practices.

New for 2014!!!

Module IV – ICD-10 Hands-on Diagnosis Coding Practicum was added to the Coding Workshop syllabus to provide an opportunity for attendees to review the ICD-10 guidelines and practice ICD-10 code lookup and selection using the new code set books.

Module IV is not required for ICD-10 training since all workshop modules (including E/M, Gyn Surgery, and OB) will be taught using ICD-10 codes. However, for those attendees who want to truly immerse themselves in the guidelines for diagnostic coding and learn (or review) the code selection process; Module IV should not be missed!

Not every workshop location will host all 4 modules. If interested in attending the Hands-on Diagnosis Coding Practicum module, be sure to check the Workshop schedule below or online at acog.org/Education_and_Events.

Each module will also include a formal question and answer session, discussions and case studies. The modules, which last from 4 - 7 hours, are:

Module IV -- ICD-10 (Hands-On) Diagnosis Coding Practicum
Module I -- E/M Services and Medicare’s Documentation Guidelines
Module II -- Gynecologic Surgical Coding
Module III -- Obstetric Coding

These Modules will cover:

  • Essential coding principles of the International Classification of Diseases Tenth Clinical Modification (ICD-10-CM) and Current  Procedural Terminology (CPT) as they relate to Evaluation and Management (E/M) services, gynecology, and obstetrics. 
  • Pitfalls of unbundling, upcoding, and coding for coverage, including some of the coding vulnerabilities associated with EHRs.
  • The relationship between diagnostic and procedural coding and proper linkage of ICD-10-CM and CPT codes to reduce reimbursement denials.
  • Differences between CPT and Medicare coding rules.
  • The elements necessary for complete and accurate documentation, with emphasis on improving documentation specificity. 
  • Common coding mistakes that may trigger audits and Much More……

SPECIAL NOTE: All registered Workshop attendees will receive a hard copy of the current version of the ICD-10 code set book. The book will be available and must be picked up at on-site registration. Copies will not be shipped.

2014 Workshop Locations

Fairmont Dallas
September 11-14, 2014 (4-Module Workshop), Dallas, Texas

Dallas, Your Coding Workshop Destination.…
Check out some of the great entertainment possibilities in refreshing Dallas.
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New Hotel Location! Bally's
November 13-16, 2014 (4-Module Workshop), Las Vegas, NV

Las Vegas, Your Coding Workshop Destination.…
Check out some of the great entertainment possibilities in electrifying Las Vegas.
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Ritz Carlton Atlanta (Downtown)
November  21-23, 2014, Atlanta, GA

Atlanta, Your Coding Workshop Destination.…
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Donna Tyler
Manager, Coding Education

Keisha Sutton
Coding Specialist