Instructions for Authors

The CREOG Education Committee welcomes submission of new quiz items from faculty and residents. Each quiz should be based upon a distinctive visual image, e.g., a fetal heart rate tracing, sonogram, photomicrograph, urodynamic tracing, karyotype, gross pathology specimen. Please prepare a short clinical scenario to introduce the image, followed by one to three multiple-choice questions. The questions should be type-A (select the one best answer). There should be one correct answer and three or four plausible distractors. Please do not write true-false questions or K-type questions (a and c are correct; a, b, c are correct; b and d are correct; only d is correct). Please indicate the correct answer to each question and then present a short summary (one paragraph) that explains the correct answer. Please also list one current reference, preferably published in the last five years that supports your answers.

Please submit your quiz items to me by email. Your visual image may be a hard-copy, glossy photograph, or a digital image transmitted electronically. I will review your submission, edit it for format, and then forward it to the CREOG office for posting on the website. Once this quiz is published, it becomes the property of CREOG. Authors of the quizzes will be acknowledged on the introductory page of the quiz website. You may also cite the publication on your Curriculum Vitae (Example: Smith J. Cystic teratoma. CREOG Resident Quiz Series, American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, Washington, DC 2004).

Please send your submissions to me at: Thank you very much for your assistance with this important educational project.


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