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ACOG’s Annual Clinical and Scientific Meeting presents hundreds of new pieces of research each year during ePoster sessions and oral paper presentations. Review this sample of great ePoster presentations at the Annual Meeting.



How understanding the factors that can lead to postpartum readmission can lead to the development of quality metrics and strategies to address the increase in U.S. postpartum readmissions

Evaluating whether or not omission of intrauterine cleaning after cesarean leads to an increase in complications

With home births on the rise, what should women with prior cesarean delivery know about potential risks to the neonate?

Utilization of a novel prenatal care model to maintain patient satisfaction and obstetrical outcomes with fewer in-office visits

Can vaginal delivery be a safe option for appropriately selected monoamniotic monochorionic twins?

Evaluating results of a postpartum LARC insertion program in order to predict risk of future expulsion

The role of the provider in encouraging vaccination for Tdap and influenza during pregnancy

Can first-trimester pregnancy loss be confirmed through maternal vaginal bleeding?



The effect of strength training on health and quality of life in elderly women

Do online and cell phone app fertility calculators live up to their promise?

Are health care providers following the new pap screening interval recommendations?

How can ob-gyns help meet the transition-related medical needs of transgender patients?

Ovulation induction and intrauterine insemination as options for women with tubal factor infertility



Implementing ACOG’s "labor longer" recommendations in clinical practice

Can community hospitals successfully adopt the ACOG/SMFM cesarean recommendations?

Does increasing the VBAC rate in a clinical setting also lead to an increase in maternal or neonatal morbidity?

Big data in the delivery room: Evaluating computer modeling to predict cesareans delivery

As syphilis cases rise, is routine screening in order as part of regular prenatal care?

Encountering mixed messages on safety of marijuana use during pregnancy

Induction of labor and obesity: should misoprostol dosage reflect patient BMI?

Does selective fetal reduction of triplets have an impact on obstetrical outcomes for remaining fetuses?

Anticipating and preparing for optimal outcomes of a delivery with placenta accreta

Revisiting the role of external cephalic version in lowering the cesarean rate

Obesity is a known risk factor for obstetric implications, but does the risk change among BMI categories?



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