Clinical Seminars Tuesday

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9:15 AM – 10:15 AM

Medical Management of Spontaneous and Elective Abortion – CS73, Sarah Ward Prager, MD

This course offers a comprehensive overview of medical management of spontaneous and elective abortion. Diagnosis, dosing regimens and follow up will all be addressed. Potential complications and adverse events will also be mentioned, as will their management.

Chronic/Recurrent Vaginitis: New Research and Treatment Plans That Work – CS74, Chemen Mzima Tate, MD

Historically, chronic vaginitis has been poorly understood. As a result, treatment modalities have remained unchanged for decades. The objectives of this course are to update the practitioner’s understanding, regarding the development of chronic vaginitis, and to explore less common causes of this disease. The course also seeks to describe effective patient evaluation methods and will relay treatment strategies that work to control or eliminate symptoms.

10:15 AM – 10:35 AM

Insurance Coverage of Birth ControlWhat You and Your Patients Need to Know – CS79 Mara Gandal-Powers

Join experts from the National Women’s Law Center to learn more about the Affordable Care Act’s birth control benefit and CoverHer resources that can help your patients get the coverage they deserve.




9:15 AM – 10:15 AM

Transfer From Planned Home Birth to Hospital: Improving Interprofessional Collaboration and Patient Safety Through the Use of Best Practice Guidelines – CS72, Lawrence Michael Leeman, MD

The current situation of planned home birth will be discussed from the viewpoint of how to increase patient safety regardless of our personal views regarding the overall safety of out of hospital birth. Issues that adversely affect patient safety and lead to inter-professional conflict will be discussed. Best Practice Guidelines from the US Home Birth Summits and model practices from several communities will be presented.




9:15 AM – 10:15 AM

Contraception: What You Need to Know in 2016 – CS75, Eve Espey, MD MPH

This seminar will cover important current concepts in contraception. In particular, highly effective methods will be emphasized as well as national guidance to assist clinicians in identifying appropriate candidates for the spectrum of contraceptive methods. The potential impact of postpartum and postabortion LARC initiation will be discussed.

To Tell or Not to Tell: Disclosure of Errors – CS76, Patrice M. Weiss, MD

The course will explore unanticipated outcomes both with and without error. Providers receive very little training in disclosure conversations and therefore are hesitant to talk with patients and families. Participants will learn disclosure techniques.


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