Elimination of Non-Medically Indicated (Elective) Deliveries before 39 Weeks Gestational Age


Evidence suggests that non-medically indicated obstetrical procedures such as elective inductions performed prior to 39 weeks have risen sharply in the US over the past 20 years, with associated increases in C-sections and late preterm births.  The reported rate of labor induction in the United States has more than doubled since 1990, from 9.5% to 22.5% in 2006.

New York State’s 2011 preterm birth rate* is 12.2% -- ranked a “C” by the March of Dimes

ACOG District II is collaborating with the March of Dimes to work towards the elimination of elective deliveries in obstetric hospitals across New York State.  The project provides on-site patient and provider education and support to hospitals with the goal of avoiding non-medically indicated deliveries <39 weeks by 2013.  Patient education plays a fundamental role in this project and as such, the project will offer patient education posters, palm cards, a 90-second video, and educational classes.

If your hospital would like to participate or if you’d like more information about this initiative, please contact Kristin Zielinski, ACOG District II Director of Medical Education, at or

* Defined by the March of Dimes as the percentage of all
   live births less than 37 completed weeks gestation.

Policy & Billing Guidance

June 2013 Medicaid Update (information begins on page 6)

Selected Provider Resources

'Term' pregnancy redefined by ACOG
March of Dimes’ Prematurity Prevention Resource Center
California Maternal Quality Care Collaborative (CMQCC)
CMQCC <39 Weeks Toolkit
ACOG District II: Lessons Learned and Implementation Tools

Selected Patient Resources

Late Preterm Brain Development Card (March of Dimes patient palm card)
(English & Spanish)
Why the Last Weeks of Pregnancy Count (March of Dimes patient brochure)
(English & Spanish)

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